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File a return

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

After you've used the Returns for Accountants return form editor to prepare returns, you're ready to begin filing. 


  1. Identify the filing method for each return.
    The steps for filing a return vary depending on the filing method, so you'll need to identify the filing method for each return.
  2. File the returns.
    Once you've found the correct filing method, you're ready to begin filing returns:
    • File a return electronically in Returns for Accountants.
      Learn how to electronically file returns directly from Returns for Accountants.
    • Print a return and mail it.
      Print copies of any returns that you plan to mail to the Department of Revenue.
    • Upload a return.
      For returns that can't be filed electronically from Returns for Accountants, generate an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file that you can upload directly to the state Department of Revenue website.
    • Copy a return to the web portal.
      If the taxing jurisdiction doesn't accept EDI files, generate a PDF copy of the prepared return that you can use as a reference when filing the return via the taxing jurisdiction's web portal.
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