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Copy a return to the Department of Revenue web portal

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

After you've prepared returns, it's time to file them. For returns that can't be filed electronically from Returns for Accountants, download a copy of the prepared return that you can use as a reference when you file a return via the state Department of Revenue web portal.

Before you begin

Use Returns for Accountants to prepare any returns that you need to file on the state Department of Revenue web portal.


  1. In Returns for Accountants, go to Returns > Filing tasks.
  2. Use the Filters pane to identify the company and tax period of the returns you want to file, then select Go to view the filing tasks.
    Optionally, set the status filter to Ready for filing to view only the returns that are ready to file.
  3. Select the grey arrow to the far right of the table to open the attachments panel.
  4. Find the return you want to file, then select the row.
    Any attachments for the return are displayed in the side panel on the right.
  5. Select RPDF in the attachments panel, then select Download.
  6. Select ⋮ > DOR Website to go to the DOR web portal.
    Use the PDF copy of the prepared return as a reference when you file the return via the DOR web portal.
  7. After you've filed the return, upload the return filing confirmation and update the status in Returns for Accountants:
    1. Find the return in the Returns > Filing tasks section of Returns for Accountants, then select ⋮ > Change status.
    2. Select the Recon Review status, then select Update.
    3. Select ⋮ > Change status.
    4. Select the Manually web filed status, then select Update.
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