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Add a note to a filing task

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Add a note to a filing task to help keep track of important information when preparing or filing the return. Notes can apply to a single filing period, or recur every filing period.


  1. In Returns for Accountants, go to Returns > Filing Tasks.
  2. Use filters to find the filing task to which you want to add a note, then select Go to see the results.
  3. Select ⋮ > Create Note.
  4. Select a Note Type:
    • Credit/Augmentation: Used to record the source of credits and augmentations that are added to a return
    • Filing Calendar/AvaTax setup/data: Used to call out information about the filing calendar or AvaTax setup, such as "Occasional" filing frequencies
    • Final Return: Non-recurring only. Used to indicate the return is the final return for that taxpayer account (reg ID) and tax type
    • General Note: Used for non-urgent notes, including all recurring notes
    • Login: Indicates there is an issue with the customer's login or authentication code
    • Warning/Do Not File: Indicates there is an issue with the return that could potentially prevent filing, such as a funding issue or a request from the customer not to file the return
    • Website/Efile Account setup: Indicates there is an issue with the customer's account with the state
    • Backfiling/Pro Services: Used to record notes associated with a backfiling or professional services project
    • Software: Indicates there was a software issue
    • Confirmation Error: Indicates confirmations were not saved correctly
    • Filer Error/Liability Mismatch: Indicates there is a liability mismatch between the filing confirmation and the filing task
    • Filing Error: Indicates there was an error made while filing the return
    • Preparer Error: Indicates there was an error made while preparing the return
    • Transmission Service Error: Indicates an error arose while attempting to file via Transmission Service
  5. Enter the note Message.
  6. Select Disable autobuild if you want the note to prevent the return from being automatically prepared.
  7. Select Recurring note if you want the note to recur every filing period for the filing calendar.
  8. If there are any attachments associated with the note, drag them into the Upload item area or select Browse instead to upload the file.
  9. Select Add to save the note.

The note is saved. Notes can be viewed by hovering over the Notes column, or by expanding the filing task row and selecting Notes.

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