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Submit a power of attorney for a tax notice

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

The Avalara compliance team needs a power of attorney for notices—sometimes called a filing power of attorney—to be able to discuss a tax notice with a jurisdiction. If your power of attorney for a specific tax jurisdiction has expired or we can't find it, we send the form to you and ask you to fill it out. Discrepancy tax notices that are missing a power of attorney are automatically closed if you don't respond within 10 days.

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A power of attorney for notices is different than a funding power of attorney. 

  • A power of attorney for notices allows us to discuss tax notices with a jurisdiction. 
  • A funding power of attorney let us file returns, file late or amended returns, and make payments. 


  1. Go to Returns > Tax Notices.
  2. Select Details next to the tax notice that's missing a power of attorney.
  3. Select the download link to save a copy of the power of attorney for the appropriate state.
    You'll notice that we entered your company information in the form for you. 
  4. Review the form to make sure it is correct. 
  5. Select Attach and upload the file downloaded in Step 2.
  6. Select Save.