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Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) and Certified Service Provider (CSP) Programs

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The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA) simplifies sales tax compliance for qualifying businesses in participating states. As a Certified Service Provider (CSP), Avalara works with you to determine if you qualify for the program and helps you register in the states where you need to collect and remit. This includes states with that run their own CSP programs, like Pennsylvania.


Get started with SST

1. Contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM)

Avalara will help you apply to the SST program, or work with you as your CSP in states with individual programs like Pennsylvania.

Contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM) to begin the application process, whether you're an existing customer or just started setting up your company in AvaTax.

2. Work with your Avalara representative

They'll determine your eligibility and collect required information.  Once registration is complete, they'll help you configure your AvaTax account and prepare to file.


How do I know I'm SST?

You have an SSTP ID and Effective Date in AvaTax, under Settings > Company Details.


More information

Learn more about Avalara's SST program
For benefits of participating in the program, supported service models, volunteer vs non-volunteer status, and more, see About SST.

Frequently asked questions
Looking for more info on a specific topic? Check the SST FAQ.

Funding Power of Attorney (POA)
As an SST or CSP customer, your tax liabilities are funded through an electronic withdrawal (ACH Debit) from your bank account.
This withdrawal is initiated by Avalara as per your power of attorney (POA) authorization

Avalara as your CSP in Pennsylvania
To encourage sales tax compliance for remote sellers with direct sales in Pennsylvania, the state announced a new program similar to SST.
See How is Pennsylvania partnering with Avalara as a Certified Service Provider

SST filing timelines
SST returns are filed monthly. See SST Filing Timelines for important dates and deadlines.

Changes to the AvaTax experience for SST customers
In order to comply with the program, you may need to change how you manage transactions and exemptions.
See SST Transaction Requirements and SST Exemption Requirements.

Terms and conditions
For detailed terms and conditions, see Avalara's terms.

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