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Manage tax notices

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

A tax notice is a notification from a tax jurisdiction telling you about a requirement, adjustment, or error involving your tax account. Manage your tax notices and view any responses you receive from Avalara.


Before you begin

Only users with Account-level permissions can view tax notices. Contact your account administrator if you can't view notices.

For more information on tax notice types, see Tax notices.


  1. In AvaTax Update, go to Returns > Tax Notices. 
  2. Tax notices are organized by status. Click Details beside a notice to see why its status was changed.
    • Action Required: You need to do something, like respond to Avalara or contact a tax jurisdiction, before Avalara can process the notice.
    • In progress: Avalara is processing the tax notice. We'll update the tax notice if any action is required.
    • Closed: Avalara closed the tax notice because no further action is needed, such as when a Department of Revenue approves a change.
    • Resolved: Avalara has taken the actions required by the tax notice and its been resolved.
  3. Review any comments from Avalara and download any files attached to the notice.