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Get started with Streamlined Sales Tax

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The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SST) is a multi-state effort to simplify and standardize sales tax compliance for businesses that sell in participating states.

As a Certified Service Provider (CSP) for the SST program, Avalara can help you determine your eligibility, set up AvaTax so that your transaction and exemption data complies with SST requirements, and assist with your monthly filing.

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Avalara can become your CSP even if you're already signed up for SST elsewhere. Just tell your Avalara representative and they'll cover the transition in your implementation.

Avalara also provides similar services in states that offer their own CSP programs, for example, Pennsylvania.  


Before you begin

If you're not sure whether you already are enrolled in an SST program, go to Settings > Company Details. SST accounts have an SSTP ID and effective date in AvaTax. 


  1. Decide if SST is right for your business and make sure you qualify before contacting Avalara.

    For information on participating states and service models, see Q&A: Streamlined Sales Tax (SST). To review the legal terms and conditions for our services, see Streamlined Sales Tax Certified Service Provider Services Terms of Use.



    •   Free registration in participating states
    •   Single ID number for filing and paying taxes across participating states
    •   Uniform filing forms and exemption certificates
    •   Access to boundary and rules data
    •   Free certified sales tax calculation software (Volunteer status only)
    •   Free preparation and filing of sales and use tax returns (Volunteer status only)
    •   Free audit support (Volunteer status only)

    Qualifying for Volunteer status

    Sellers must meet the following criteria during the 12-month period immediately preceding the date of registration* with an SST State. Remote sellers who establish nexus based on sales or transaction thresholds are not disqualified from obtaining Volunteer status.

    • No fixed place of business for more than 30 days
    • Less than $50,000 of property in the state
    • Less than $50,000 of payroll in the state
    • Less than 25% of total property or payroll in state

    * Prior registration in an SST state or with the SST program does not disqualify you from signing up with Avalara as your CSP. 

  2. Contact Avalara to begin the application process, whether you're brand new or already have an AvaTax account. We'll verify your eligibility and plan the next steps.
  3. Work with your Avalara account manager to complete implementation. If you're an existing AvaTax customer, we'll help you configure your AvaTax settings and prepare to file in compliance with SST requirements.
  4. Complete registration with Avalara. Final SST registration only occurs once the implementation process is complete.
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