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How do I report revenue into the MyLodgeTax website with the new Revenue by Marketplace feature?


You would like to know how to report your revenue using the new Marketplace by Revenue feature.




  • Go to and sign in with your username and password

  • Click on the Orange "Report Revenue" button on the home page, or hover over "Taxes" in the top menu and click "Report revenue" in the drop-down menu
  • Enter the number of nights rented and your rental revenue for the period indicated for your Direct Bookings, Airbnb bookings, and Vrbo bookings
    • If your revenue is earned through Evolve, please make sure to enter any Airbnb bookings on the  Airbnb line and any Vrbo bookings on the Direct Bookings line (NOT on the Vrbo line).  This is because Evolve has opted out of having Vrbo remit the taxes on behalf of Evolve's customers and you are therefore responsible for remitting the full tax on Vrbo bookings .
  • If the revenue amount you entered includes the tax collected, check the "Revenue Includes Tax" box
  • If you have exempt revenue to report, click the "I have exempt revenue" box and follow the instructions for reporting Exempt Revenue. Please note that if you report exempt revenue, you cannot also report that the revenue includes tax.
  • Click "Save and Review"
  • Review the details of the tax payment due
  • Click "Pay Now" – if you don’t click Pay Now, your revenue has not been submitted.  You may leave your reporting page in Save and Review status and come back later to finish reporting
  • When you click "Pay Now", you will initiate the withdrawal from your bank account. The funds will be withdrawn from your bank account within the next three business days.  This also initiates an automatic email receipt which details your tax payment(s) for the period
  • If you leave your revenue report in "Save and Review" status, whatever is entered will automatically be submitted at 5pm on the 10th of the month and funds, if any are due, will be withdrawn from your bank account within the next three business days.
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