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User preferences

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You can define preferences that help you work with Avalara License Management such as user preferences, e-mail notifications, user alerts, and user profiles.

Types of preferences

  • User preferences: You can define the individual values for preference items defined in Avalara License Management, permitting a customized experience for you. Based on the settings you defined, the system updates the view for you.
  • User email preferences: If you are a System Administrator, you may set up notifications for all Avalara License Management users in your company that you will see here as well. You can add notifications by clicking the New Email Notification button and selecting which kind of notification to add. You will be able to specify license types to be included in the notification, select the frequency of the email, and various other options. Additionally, you can edit or delete system notifications.
  • User alert preferences: You can customize the alerts strip that appears on various pages of the system. You can set how many days before the expiration and due date it will appear in the alerts strip for each category. You can also choose whether to include licenses with filings already been shipped. Default values may have been set by the System Administrator. However, you can edit the values here. Note: these settings will not affect email notifications.
  • My account: You can add, and update information associated with you. Moreover, you can change your password in this section.
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