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User groups

A user group is a way of grouping users by different departments or responsibilities. As a manager or administrator, you can use user group to: 

  • Assign a task in the Dashboard tab to multiple people in a user group. The benefit is that each user in a group gets a notification or dashboard indicator when a task is due.  
  • Assign a license, contract, real estate, violation, or batch record to a user group using the Managed By field. Once you assign a record to a user group, all members of the group gain access to the record. 
  • Assign a role with permissions to access the license, contract, real estate, violation, or general record managed by a user group. 

Using the Security > User Groups section, you can: 

  • Create a user group 
  • Associate users to a group and disassociate users from a group 
  • View and edit user group actions 
  • Activate or deactivate a user group 
  • Delete a user group 
  • Export user group information to Excel. 
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