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Set up check request template

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In the Payment Method step on the filling steps timeline, when the Payment Method is selected as Check, you can select Generate check request to download payment information in the spreadsheet format. For more information on filling timeline, see Configure filling steps timeline

Avalara License Management offers you a default template file to download the check payment information. However, you can use the Check Request Template page to customize this default template as per your requirements. By customizing this template, you can select the format, the fields, and the order of the fields to be used in the template. 


  1. From the Avalara License Management home page, select the drop-down arrow on the navigation bar, and then select Setup.
  2. Go to System Settings > Check Request Template. 
  3. Select the Use Custom Check Request Template option as Yes
  4. Define what makes up a single check request. The export file can contain many check requests in it.
    Choose from:
    • To base a single check request on the payee and license name so that all payments with the same license name and payee can be grouped as one check request, choose Group Check Request by Payee and License Name

    • To download individual payment information regardless of whether the payee is the same for multiple payments, choose Group Check Request by Payment. You can use this option where you have multiple licenses in different locations that you are renewing simultaneously.

  5. Select the file type that you need. 
  6. Select the spreadsheet export file format.
    Choose from:  
    • To download the data in plain text format, choose Plain Text

    • To apply formatting to the headers and rows in the file, choose Formatted.  

  7. Add the required fields to include in the export file. You can drag and drop a field to change its order. 

Once configured, the application generates a check in the provided format.

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