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As an administrator or manager, you can create new or use existing roles to control the user access to features and capabilities in the application. 

A role is a grouping of permissions. Permissions describe what a user can see or do. The application offers you these standard roles: 

  • Administrator  
  • Manager 
  • Read Only  
  • Read Only, No Research  
  • Regular User 

To see permissions associated with a standard role, go to Security > Roles and select a role, and then select View. You can’t edit permissions for these standard roles. For more information about standard roles, see Standard user roles and permissions.  However, you can create a new role and assign permissions as per your requirement. 

Before creating a new role and adjusting permissions, here are a few recommendations that you can follow.  

  • Provide users with the minimum permissions and access needed to complete their work. 
  • Assign the manager and administrator role only to the required users. 
  • Test roles before providing access to your users. 
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