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Avalara License Management (ALM) reports feature comprehensive and customizable reports that help you analyze, extract, and distribute your most recent business data. These reports are displayed in rows and columns and can be edited, sorted, and filtered.  

You can customize ALM reports to include as much or as little information as you need. You can also schedule these reports to be delivered automatically to users on a defined schedule. 

The Reports tab provides the tools you need to generate a system or custom report. The Reports tab contains four subtabs:  

  • System reports: Displays a list of all system reports. You can use an individual report to view its data, download it in XLSX format, or build a customized report. For more information on system reports, refer to Type of system reports.  
  • Saved reports: Displays a list of all saved reports. You can save a report to view its data again. Saving a report helps you save time by storing your customizations for reuse.  
  • Generated reports: Displays a list of system and customized reports generated by you. Once a report is generated, you can download, email, or delete the report. Generated reports remain available for 7 days.  
  • Audit: Displays a list of emailed reports from the application. You can only view this tab if your user profile has the manager or administrator role assigned to it. 
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