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Create a renewal message template

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You can use the Get Form step in Filing Steps Timeline to send a request for notice or forms to the licensing authority. Instead of creating a new message every time to request specific information, use the Request for Renewal Notice Template page to create a default subject and message text. For more information on filling timeline, see Configure filling steps timeline


  1. From the Avalara License Management home page, select the drop-down arrow on the navigation bar, and then select Setup.
  2. Go to System Settings > Request for Renewal Notice Template
  3. Enter the subject of an email in Message subject.  
  4. Enter the email text in Message text.  
  5. Place your cursor within the message text where you want to add a field, select a field from the Fields drop-down list, and then select Add to include the field information in the email. 
    For example, when you add the Due Date field to the email, the application displays the due date associated with a license in the text of the email. 
  6. Select Save. 

Now, when you go to the Get Form step in Filing Steps Timeline, the application displays the subject and message text as entered by you in this template. You can preview and change this information to send a customized request to the licensing authority. 


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