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Configure filing steps timeline

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You can create, edit, and hide steps in this timeline to design your filing timeline. You can access the filing steps timeline from the License details page.


  1. From the Avalara License Management home page, select the drop-down arrow on the navigation bar, and then select Setup.
  2. Go to System settings > Filing steps timeline
  3. Add a new step to the filling timeline.
    1. Enter step name in Step title
    2. Select the existing step after which you want to add this step in the filling timeline from After step.  
    3. Add required fields by entering the field name and selecting the field type. 
    4. Decide when you want to enable this step in the timeline. 
      Choose from: 
      • To permanently enable this step in the filling timeline, select Show always.
      • To conditionally enable this step, select Show when and enter the condition.  
    5. Select Add custom step
  4. To rearrange your timeline, drag and drop a custom step to the desired place in the timeline. 
  5. To hide a step permanently, select Showing step
  6. To delete a step, select Delete, and then select Yes
  7. To edit a step name, display condition, or add and remove fields, select Edit and make the necessary changes.
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