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Cross-border calculations at checkout

This article applies to:AvaTax

After setting up AvaTax for cross-border, customs duties and other import taxes are automatically included at checkout.


All products in the shopping cart must have a harmonized tariff code in AvaTax.

If any item in the order doesn't have a tariff code, cross-border calculations will be skipped for the entire order.

When customs duties are present in checkout 

Estimated fees and duties are added to checkout as an order fee if you, as the seller, are the importer of record in the destination country.

Estimated fees and duties aren't shown if the buyer is the importer of record in the destination country. Instead, fees are calculated after the order is submitted. You can find those calculations in AvaTax under Transactions.

Where to see cross-border fees in your ecommerce platform

Check your ecommerce platform's documentation to see how customs duties are broken down at checkout or within individual orders.


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