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Stop applying an exemption certificate

This article applies to:Exemption Certificate Management Pro

Stop applying a specific exemption certificate to transactions. Once a certificate is no longer being applied, you can't reactivate it and use it again. Instead, copy the certificate to create a new one.


  1. In the home page menu, select Exemptions > Customers.
    • If you know the certificate ID for the certificate you want to stop applying, go to Exemptions > Certificates and search for the certificate on that page.
  2. Select the customer code for the customer that has a certificate that you want to stop applying.
    The customer record opens.
  3. Select the Exemption Certificates tab.
  4. Select the certificate ID for the certificate you want to stop applying.
    The certificate record opens.
  5. Select Stop this certificate from being applied, and then select Stop this certificate.
    Confirm you want to stop applying the certificate to transactions.

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    Submit a support case if you receive the error message 'Exemption could not be stopped' when you select Save.

Once a certificate has been stopped, Avalara no longer applies the certificate to transactions.

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