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Import customer and exemption certificate details

This article applies to:AvaTax

Import customer information and details about their exemption certificates at the same time, rather than doing it manually.


  1. In the Avalara Home page menu, select Exemptions > Customers.
  2. Select Import customers and certificates.
  3. Select Download the certificate import toolkit to download the import toolkit.
    The toolkit contains a ZIP file with a spreadsheet and a help file.
  4. Open the template and add customer and certificates. Use this guide to help.
    • Don't modify the Column headings of the template.
    • Break up files longer than 100,000 lines into smaller files.
  5. Drag the file into the upload field or select Choose file to select the file from a folder.
    If there are any errors, download the error file and fix the errors.
  6. Select Exemptions > Customers to return to your list of customers.
    Refresh the page if your new customers do not appear in the list.