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Fix customer and certificate data import errors - ECM Essentials

This article applies to:AvaTax

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We're currently migrating AvaTax Exemptions customers to our new exemption certificate management product, Avalara Exemption Certificate Management (ECM) Essentials.

If you've found this page and the instructions don't match your experience, find the help you need for AvaTax Exemptions in the AvaTax user guide.

If there are any errors when you import customer and exemption certificate data, Avalara creates an error file to help you resolve the issues.

Error message How to fix it Column
The Address 1 field is empty. Enter a street address in the Address 1 field. E
The City field is empty. Enter a city name in the City field. G
The Country field is empty. Enter a two-letter country code in the Country field. H
The Region field is empty. Enter the two-letter region abbreviation for the United States (US) or Canada (CA) in the Region field. H and I
The Postal Code field is empty or is not recognized. Enter the correct the postal or ZIP code in the Postal Code field. J
A state or provincial abbreviation is not recognized. Use standard, two-letter abbreviations for US states or Canadian provinces. H and I
The Effective Date is missing or in an unrecognized format. Enter the Effective Date in MM/DD/YYYY format. U
The Expiration Date is missing or in an unrecognized format. Enter the Expiration Date in MM/DD/YYYY format. V
The Certificate Effective Date is later than the certificate Expiration Date. Change the Expiration Date to a date later than the Effective Date. U and V
The Exemption Reason field is empty.

Enter a reason for the exemption in the Exemption Reason field.

The Exemption Number field is empty. Enter an exemption number in the Exemption Number field. Q
The Issuing Country or Issuing Region fields are empty or include an unrecognized country or region abbreviation. Use standard, two-letter abbreviations for the United States (US) and Canada (CA) in the Issuing Country and Issuing Region fields. S or T
The Business Type Number field is empty. Enter a Business Type Number between 1 and 20. M
The Business Type Number provided is not a number between 1 and 20. Enter a Business Type Number between 1 and 20. M
A Business Type Description can be used only with Business Type Number 20. Enter number 20 into the Business Type Number field in order to enter a Business Type Description. If you are using a business type number other than 20, remove the Business Type Description. M and N
Avalara doesn't recognize the certificate type. Enter BLANKET or SINGLE in the Certificate Type field. If you use SINGLE, provide a PO number in column L. K
The Invoice/PO Number field is empty. A PO number is required when creating a single-use certificate. Enter a PO number in the Invoice/PO # field to exempt that transaction from tax. K and L