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Change your Exempt Override Code

This article applies to:AvaTax

After you've added an exemption certificate for a customer, there may be times when you need to collect tax from the customer for certain sales. For example, if you have a resale exemption certificate on file for a customer but you sell them goods that they don't plan to resell, the customer may need to pay sales tax for that transaction.

Use an Exempt Override Code to override an exemption certificate for a single transaction so you can collect tax from a customer that is normally exempt. The default Exempt Override Code is Taxable, but you can change it as needed.


  1. In the Avalara Home page menu, go to Settings > All AvaTax Settings
  2. Go to Advanced Account Settings.
  3. In the Exempt Override Code field, type an exempt override code of your choosing.
  4. Select Save Settings to save your changes.
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