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Change exemption certificate details - ECM Essentials

This article applies to:AvaTax

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We're currently migrating AvaTax Exemptions customers to our new exemption certificate management product, Avalara Exemption Certificate Management (ECM) Essentials.

If you've found this page and the instructions don't match your experience, find the help you need for AvaTax Exemptions in the AvaTax user guide.

Edit certain details on an exemption certificate.

Before you begin

  • You can only make changes to the expiration date and whether you want to apply the certificate only to one document or purchase order. If you need change anything else, stop applying the certificate and create a new one.
  • Customers participating in Avalara's SST program must include Business Type and Description information for each exempt customer. See SST exemption requirements.


  1. In the menu, select Exemptions > Customers.
  2. Select the customer code for the customer with a certificate that needs to be updated.
    The customer record opens.
  3. Select the Exemption Certificates tab.
  4. Select the certificate ID for the certificate you want to update.
    The certificate record opens.
  5. Update the certificate.
    • Expiration: When the exemption no longer applies to the customer. Select the date to change it.
    • Limit this certificate to one document or purchase order: When selected, enter the document or purchase order number you want to apply the certificate to.
  6. Select Save.