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Add multijurisdictional exemption certificate details for a Canadian customer

This article applies to:AvaTax

If you need to exempt a Canadian customer from both federal GST and provincial tax (PST, QST, or HST), add multijurisdictional exemption certificate details for the customer. Multijurisdictional certificates must be created directly in the Avalara platform. They can't be imported on a spreadsheet.

Before you begin

You may need to:


  1. In the Avalara Home page, go to Exemptions > Customers.
  2. Find your exempt customer in the list and select Add a Certificate.
  3. Select Canada in the Country field.
  4. Select a reason for the exemption.
    • Refer to the Exempt Reason Matrix for a list of valid reasons by region.
    • If you need to fully exempt the customer from GST and all provincial taxes, select Tribal Government.
      • Tip icon

        Tribal Government is the only entity use code that exempts Canada (GST) tax and all provincial taxes. You can select a different entity use code if your customer is not exempt from Canada (GST), or if they are exempt from GST but taxable at the provincial level.

  5. Select regions covered by the certificate.
    Region details appear once you begin selecting regions covered by the certificate. If a reason for exemption is not available in a specific region, it won't appear on the list.
    • To exempt all tax
      Select Canada (GST) and all provinces in which you do business.
    • To exempt only the federal Canada GST rate
      Select Canada (GST).
    • To exempt GST and HST
      Select Canada (GST) and any of the HST provinces in which you do business: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island.
    • To exempt PST/QST but still charge GST
      Select the provinces that you want to be exempt, but do not select Canada (GST).
  6. Add exemption information.
    • Type of Exemption Number
      Typically an exemption number or taxpayer ID. Certain exemptions may require a Foreign Diplomat Number, Driver's License, or FEIN.
    • Exemption Number
      A unique number found on a customer's exemption document.
    • Effective
      The beginning of the exemption period.
    • Expiration
      When the exemption no longer applies to the customer.
  7. Select Save.

Your customer is now exempted from both Canada (GST) and provincial tax for the provinces you selected.