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Add exemption certificate details for a customer

This article applies to:AvaTax

After you add a customer to AvaTax, add exemption certificate details for that customer. Alternatively, import customers and exemption details at the same time.

Before you begin


  1. In the Avalara Home page menu, select Exemptions > Customers.
  2. Find the customer you want to add a certificate to, and select Add a certificate.
  3. Enter the certificate details.
    After you enter the regions covered by the certificate, Region details and certificates fields appear.
    • Business Type is required if you're participating in the Avalara SST program.
    • You can only add a region if the reason for the exemption is valid there.
  4. Add region-specific details, and upload an image of the certificate.
    • Type of exemption number: This is typically an exemption number or taxpayer ID. Certain certificates may require a Foreign Diplomat Number, Driver's License, or FEIN.
    • Exemption number: The unique identifying number from the customer document.
    • Request a certificate from the customer: Send an email to your customer with a secure link to complete and return the right certificate.
  5. Select Save.

Certificates are active and applicable in AvaTax based on the effective and expiration dates.

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