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Map and transform transaction tax export

Translates TTE standard formats to an identified POS/other system formats. To generate output, a set of Data Transformation Toolkit (DTT) templates and mapping overrides are used as a last-mile translation source from TTE tables to create DTT tables.

To create a new DTT custom configuration template, select Transform tax dataCreate custom configuration. To edit an unapproved template, select the template from the list of saved templates and then click Edit configuration. For information on the status of the configuration template, see DTT custom configuration template status.

Before you begin

Add a transaction tax export


  1. Tell us about your system
    Provide this information to refine the transaction tax export file before you can map our data fields to your own.
  2. Import tables from your system
    Import records consisting of different tax functions from your system.
  3. Review your import
    Review the imported data and confirm the updates, if any.
  4. Classify your records
    Match your imported records to Avalara's standardized names. 
  5. Map your fields
    Map Avalara's data fields to your own.
  6. Set up delivery output
    Organize your tax content to get delivery output compatible to your POS.
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