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Set up delivery output

Once you have mapped Avalara's tax fields to your own, you can now specify how you want to receive your delivery output. We will organize your tax tables so that we can give them to your POS system in a format that works for you. You can also change the naming and formatting choices to suit your needs.


  1. DTT Template name displays the configuration name as provided during Tell us about your system step.
  2. Select Set table names as column headers in delivery output check-box if you want to customize your output with table names as headers.
  3. Do the following to create a folder name:
  • Enter a unique name for your folder in Base Name.
  • Set the Date Format as Day/Month/Year/Time, as required. The available date format options are DDMMYYYYHHMMSS, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS, and YYYYDDMMHHMMSS
  • Select a Date Position where you want to place the date (Before or after folder base name).
  • Select an appropriate file extension for full and delta output. 
  • To apply the similar configurations to all files in your folder, turn on the Apply to files in the folder toggle.
  1. Do the following to specify your file format and extension:

  • Select the Encoding format as ANSI, ASCII, or UTF8

  • To separate values, use a Comma (,), Tab (/t), Pipe (|), or Hyphen (-) as the delimiter character.

A warning icon

The following file extensions are automatically set based on the choice of delimiter character:

  • Comma(,): .csv
  • Tab(/t): .tsv
  • Pipe(|): .txt
  • Select New Line Character as Windows (CRLF) or Unix (LF).

  1. To update/set configurations in individual files, expand Setting up individual files and make the required updates.


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If you select File extension as Other while setting up an individual file, you can Enter extension of your choice. For a few security reasons, the following file extensions are not supported, and you might get an error message if you select them:


.csproj,.mp4,.mp3,.avi,.mov,.pl,.scr,.docm,.xps,.iso,.img,.arj,.lzh,.ace,.snappy,.parquet,.avro,.vsd,.vsdx,.lock,.cert,.gradle,.tcl, and .tf.



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