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Import tables from your system

Import a .csv or .xlsx file to define the tax functions of your POS system. The imported file should contain data for tax groups, tax rates, business locations, zip codes, regions, or exemptions from your POS system. 

Before you begin 

Tell us about your system


  1. After you provide your system configurations, you can import records consisting of tax functions from your system.
  2. Download the import template in .csv or .xlsx format.
  3. Enter the following table details and save the file:
  • Record Name
    Name of the record
  • Field Number
    An incremental unique number assigned to each field.
  • Field Name
    Name of the field
  • Data Type Name
    Name of the data type. For example, integer, string, or boolean.
  • Length
    Length of the field value
  • Primary Key
    If the data in that certain column is unique, type "Y," else type "N."
  • Functional Key
    If the key is a functional key, enter "Y", else type "N".
  • Required
    If it is a mandatory field, enter "Y", else type "N" for optional records.
  • Definition
    Description of the record
  1. Click Choose file to select a file from your computer to import or drag and drop the import template file to the area in the center of the page.
  2. Click Import files to import the file.
  3. Once the file is imported, click Save and Continue to proceed.

You can import files with .xlsx, and .csv extensions and with size lesser than 75 MB only. All other files cause an error message to appear. You can also import multiple files at a time.

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