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Generate the differences in tax content between two job runs

Generate a content file to identify the differences in tax content between two job runs. You can compare the output between a new and a previous job run, or between two previous job runs.


  1. If you are not currently in Content Generation for POS (CGPOS),  go to Content > Content Generation for POS from the menu bar.
  2. Select Job dashboard from the quick links list at the top of the page.
  3. Select Manage your jobs from the Jobs dashboard.
  4. Select an existing job from the list of saved jobs.
  5. Select the Full or Differences only as the Output type.
    • The Differences only option allows you to select the desired job from the available list with the same job name. Select one of the following options to compare the results:
      • Compare a fresh run and a past run: Select this option to run a new job and compare it to a previous job.
      • Compare two past runs: Select this option to generate the delta output between two previous jobs.
    • The Full option generates the full configured content for a job run.

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      The Output type option can be selected only for the Production job type and its default value is set as Full.

      If you are running your job for the first time, you will only see the option to run a full file as no previous runs are available to generate the differences.

  6. Select the Schedule option from the Manage your jobs page to generate a content file with differences in job runs on a regular schedule. Each future run referencing the job will generate the same output type after you specify the appropriate output type.
  7. Select Run job. Only one job can be run at a time.

Your file will be generated. Go to the Job history page while the job is running to check the job status, refresh the job status, or cancel the job. When it's finished, download the tax content from the Job history page.

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