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Add a delivery option

Tell us how you want to receive the tax content, including file naming and formatting options. Associate your choices with a unique delivery option name.


  1. If you are not already in Content Generation for POS (CGPOS), on the menu bar select Content > Content Generation for POS.
  2. In the quick links list at the top of the page, select Delivery options.
  3. On the Delivery options page, select Add delivery option.
  4. Enter a unique name for the delivery option.
  5. Select an output structure.
    If you select TTE, continue to step 6. If you select Aptos, go to step 10.
  6. Specify a delivery method: 
    • API 
    • Flat file (delivered to the Avalara SFTP server)
  7. If your delivery method is flat file, enter an email address where we can send the server credentials.
    Because we can support only a single email address for all delivery configurations sent to the Avalara SFTP server, you'll be asked to verify the address.



    If your account already has a delivery option that includes an email address for server credentials, we populate the field with that address. You cannot change it.

  8. Tell us how you want to name your file folder. The file folder name is a base name plus a date:
    1. Enter a base name.
    2. Select a date format.
    3. Select a date position (before or after the base name).
  9. Tell us how you want to format your file:
    1. Select an encoding method.
    2. Select a delimiter character.
    3. Select a new line character.
    4. Specify a file extension.



    If you have questions about file format options, contact your internal IT department.   

  10. Select Save

The option is added to the list of saved delivery options, from which you can edit or delete it.

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