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Set up Avalara Content Generation for Point of Sale

Configure your account so Avalara can deliver up-to-date tax content to your point of sale (POS) system. Use the tax content that we deliver for offline tax calculations.  

Before you begin

Set up AvaTax.


  1. Set up your transaction tax export.
    The transaction tax export (TTE) is Avalara’s standard for providing tax rates and rules that can be used for your POS system. Tell us what to include in the tax content we deliver to your POS system.  
  2. Add a notification option.
    Tell us who we should notify when new content is delivered via a job. 
  3. Add a delivery option.
     Tell us how you want to receive the tax content, including file naming and formatting options. 
  4. Create a job for CGPOS.
     Tell us how and when to deliver content. 
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