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Set up Avalara Content Generation for Point of Sale

Create a company profile in AvaTax. Using your company profile, we'll generate a tax content file for use in your Point of Sale (POS) system.

Before you begin


  1. Create a basic US company profile for CGPOS
    Tell us about your business. We use your company profile to generate tax content files for where you do business and what you sell.

    Create a basic Canadian company profile for CGPOS
    Company settings are a little different for companies based in Canada. Start here if you're generating Canadian tax content.
  2. Set up your transaction tax export in CGPOS
    The transaction tax export (TTE) file contains tax rates and rules for your POS system. Tell us what to include in your file before you generate it. 
  3. Map and transform tax data (Optional)
    Translates TTE standard formats to an identified POS/other system formats.
  4. Tell us who to notify when your CGPOS file is ready
    Tell us who we should notify when your tax content file has been generated via a job. 
  5. Create a job for CGPOS
    Run a job to generate your tax content file, or schedule it for later.
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