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Release Notes CGPOS 22.6.0


Release Month: June 2022

 Release Version: 22.6.0

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  • Data Transformation Toolkit Workflow Enhancement

With this release, the status fields (Editing, Reviewing, Approved, and Canceled) are added to the DTT configuration templates. For more information, refer to DTT custom configuration template status.

This enhancement is provided for an improved user control when a custom DTT configuration is ready for a production run. These additional status fields will allow a user to test against a configuration without the risk of going over their subscription allowances and build confidence in the output at the same time.

  • Delivery Option Simplification

With this release, we have enhanced the functionality to deliver the tax content. The Delivery options access link is removed from the CGPOS dashboard quick links and the supported features to deliver the tax content are moved/migrated to the respective TTE and DTT workflows. The following updates are made as part of this enhancement:

  • While adding a TTE configuration, the System preferences and Output properties sections including file naming, formatting options, tax, and custom configurations are added with this release. Prior to this release the features in System preferences were available at System Details page of TTE configuration and Output properties was part of Delivery options page.
  • While creating a job, the functionality to select a Delivery method and to enable the notification on completion of a job is added. For more information, refer to Create a job.
  • Automatic Jobs Feature Enablement

With this release, we have removed the Automatic Jobs feature flag and it is now available for all users. As part of this feature a new toggle button in the UI is added to automatically run a job whenever a new tax content is published. For more information, refer to Schedule a job.

  • The functionality to schedule a test job (old or new) will not be supported from this release. Also, if a test job was previously scheduled, it will no longer be available.


Known Issues

  • The job fails if you select a single business location, ship to state, and tax code on TTE configuration.
  • The job fails if the tax group id for an existing item group used in TTE configuration is updated in Avatax settings.

The following bug fixes are done with this release:

Closed Issues


  • Jurisdiction Override is only available to companies based in the United States. This functionality is limited to the United States because CGPOS is an Avatax add-on, and Avatax only allows jurisdiction overrides in the United States.
  • Instead of just the first line, CGPOS sends the entire location address for validation.


  • General enhancements to concurrent job run capacity and run times.
  • Enhanced platform to support more item codes.



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