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Release Notes CGPOS 22.8.0

Release Month: August 2022

 Release Version: 22.8.0

Documentation Conventions

Convention Description
Bold Menu options, product names, screen names, attributes names, and button names
Link Weblinks or cross-reference links to the AHC articles.


  • TTE Enhancements

With this release, we have enhanced the tte_tax_bracket.csv file to explicitly identify all records associated to the repetitive pattern.


With this release, we have fixed the following bugs/issue:

  • The issue with the TTE Tax Combined output has been fixed. As per the issue, there were some instances where the effective dates reflected 11:59 pm, but with this fix it is now possible to configure the effective dates to always reflect midnight (12 o'clock at night). 
  • The issue with Data Transformation Toolkit not displaying the column headings in some cases is fixed.
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