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Release Notes CGPOS 22.2.0

Release Month: March 2022

 Release Version: 22.2.0 

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What's New

  • Data Transformation Toolkit (DTT)

      We have introduced  DTT functionality with this release. It translates TTE standard formats to an identified POS/other system formats.

      For more information, refer to Map and transform transaction tax export.

  • Release Notes Support Link

      We have added a release notes link "Check what's in it for you" to the CGPOS dashboard to keep users up to date on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.


1. General Access

     User Role Restrictions

     We have restricted read-only company and account-level user role to Job dashboard and Job history page.

     For more information, refer to Understanding User Roles.

2. Content

  • Jurisdiction Override Support

     We have provided support for jurisdiction overrides. A US zip code or a US address along with the required override can be mentioned in the AvaTax. Once set, the relevant locations and output in the extract files will be overridden.

     We have introduced a new section to add Custom Configurations in TTE System Details page to to include jurisdiction overrides.

  • Custom Tax Code/Rule Support

      A custom rule can be created and associated to an existing Avalara/custom tax code, overriding the Avalara published rules with the custom tax rules.

      With this release, we only provide support for the "Product" type custom tax code.

3. Job and Job Management

  • Delta output type support for TTE Jobs

      We have provided the functionality to generate a content file to identify the differences in tax content between two job runs.

      For more information, refer to Generate the differences in tax content between two job runs.

  • Adjust Tax Date Range

     We have added an option to adjust tax date range in Create and run tab of Manage your Jobs page.

     Based on your preference, you can select the number of days (days before and after the job run date), and your tax file will include tax information for the selected time period.



The following bug fixes are done with this release:

  • GEN-4126 and GEN-6320

      We have fixed the progress bar loading issue, where user was not able to delete a TTE job associated with an already executed one-time schedule.

      Also, we have added a warning message addressing the issue.

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