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Understand the Avalara Consumer Use application

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Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax. Adjust transactions in Avalara Consumer Use and then forward them to your AvaTax company to manage reports and returns.


About Consumer Use Tax

Consumer use tax is a transaction tax collected and remitted in the U.S. by consumers when sales tax or sellers use tax aren't charged on a purchase. Consumers may be required to pay consumer use tax for the storage, use, or consumption of goods, depending on how and where the products are used. 

Read more about sales activities that trigger consumer use tax

Avalara Consumer Use

Use Avalara Consumer Use to self-assess consumer use tax. View tax accrual and tax variance for transactions and then adjust, confirm, and commit them to your company in AvaTax. Processed transactions can be included in Returns or exported as a consumer use tax report.

Auto-save and auto-populate settings

Avalara Consumer Use saves imported data values for use in automatic processing rules. Saved values can then be applied to empty transaction fields. This feature is controlled by two settings:

  • Auto-save data values
    Save data values from your import file so they can be used to auto-populate fields or filter data
  • Auto-populate empty fields
    Fill empty fields based on default values based on your processing settings

Avalara Consumer Use saves company default relationships even if that transaction data is deleted later. Create default values by importing a data file of placeholder transactions containing important company values like vendor, cost center, or locations. Use this import-and-delete process to set up company default values quickly.

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