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Set company defaults in bulk using transaction import files

Avalara Consumer Use can automatically populate default values based on specific transaction criteria. This functionality makes it possible to set up company defaults by importing a data file of placeholder transactions containing important company values like vendor, cost center, or locations. Avalara Consumer Use saves these company default relationships even after you delete the placeholder transaction data. Use this import-and-delete process to set up company default values quickly.

If you're setting up default values before you begin importing real transaction data, start with the Item Code.

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Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax. Adjust transactions in Avalara Consumer Use and then forward them to your AvaTax company to manage reports and returns.

Before you begin

  • Review how Avalara Consumer processes company defaults.
  • Go to Settings > Manage Your Company's Transaction Processing Settings and make sure you've enabled the Automatically Add New Data Values option.


  1. In Avalara Consumer Use, go to Transactions > Import transaction data.
  2. Select the Import Type dropdown and choose Avalara Consumer Use - Default. Download the import template. 
  3. Add placeholder transaction data to each line of the spreadsheet.
    These placeholder transactions can be deleted later; you're using transaction lines to establish company default relationships between certain transaction components. 
    • For example, a line may contain values for vendor, cost center, item code, and purpose. The relationship between those values are saved during the import.
    • Vendor sets the corresponding default values for cost center and item code. Cost center then sets the default value for purpose. 
      Tip icon Need help figuring out the order in which company default relationships are saved and assigned? Review how ACU processes company defaults.
  4. Save your spreadsheet.
  5. Return to Transactions > Import transaction data and add your import file using drag-and-drop or selecting Browse instead.
  6. Click Upload. 
    If you receive an import error message, fix import errors and try uploading again.

Avalara Consumer Use processes your transactions and saves company default values in your settings.

Don't forget to go to Transactions > Process transactions and delete placeholder transaction data before you begin importing real transactions.

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