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Process company defaults

This article applies to:AvaTax

Company defaults automatically populate transactions values based on other fields. Company default relationships are useful for frequent purchases, common cost centers, or familiar vendors. Before you begin importing real transaction data, use automatic processing rules to import company defaults in bulk or assign them manually.

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Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax. Adjust transactions in Avalara Consumer Use and then forward them to your AvaTax company to manage reports and returns.

Assign default values

When new transaction values are imported, default values are assigned starting with the Vendor field down. 

For example, when importing a single transaction line with values for vendor, cost center, item code, and purpose fields: 

  1. Vendor sets the default values for cost center and item code. 
  2. Cost center sets the default value for purpose.

When setting up default value settings before importing real transaction data, start with Item Code and work your way up.

Processing order by field

Available defaults

Vendor Vendor Name
Source Address
Destination Address
Cost Center
Item Code
Location Cost Center
Cost Center Item Code
Item Code Item Name
Tax Code
Purpose EntityUseCode


Set up company defaults

For information on how to set company defaults, refer to the following topics:

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