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Avalara Consumer Use implementation guide

Your implementation consultant can answer technical questions and help you resolve any issues you might encounter while setting up Avalara Consumer Use.

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Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax. Adjust transactions in Avalara Consumer Use and then forward them to your AvaTax company to manage reports and returns.


Implementation milestones

Your implementation consultant will assist you through the following milestones:

  1. Set up AvaTax
    Since Avalara Consumer Use uses AvaTax for tax calculation, create companies in AvaTax reflecting your businesses’ reporting structure and add states where you're registered to collect tax. Additionally, complete the location record set up for any locations where AvaTax needs to correctly file.
  2. Review transaction data
    Complete the first draft of your transaction import file and give it to your consultant. The implementation consultant will then review the file and provide feedback. This process should be repeated until you and the consultant are comfortable that the data in the file is correct.
  3. Learn how to use the Avalara Consumer Use application
    After you have a transaction import file, your implementation consultant will walk you through the Avalara Consumer Use application and discuss the various features used to resolve consumers use tax determinations.
  4. Test your configuration
    After your initial training, upload transactions to Avalara Consumer Use to test your configuration in the Sandbox environment. If questions come up or adjustments to configuration need to be made, reach out to your implementation consultant for assistance.
  5. Migrate your profile to Production
    The final step of going live with Avalara Consumer Use is to log into the Production version of your account and make sure it is set up identically to your Sandbox environment. This requires re-importing Master Data records, double checking pre and post calculation rules, and confirming company settings.

Working with imported transactions

When working with Avalara Consumer Use, the goal is to get every transaction into one of two statuses:

  • Confirmed
    Transactions that been reviewed and don't need to be sent to AvaTax.
  • Committed
    Transactions that have been reviewed and should be sent to AvaTax.

Avalara Consumer Use processing rules will automatically mark some transactions as committed or confirmed. The tax team should review the rest of the transactions manually, resolve any errors they see, and mark the transactions as either committed or confirmed.

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