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Which licenses and registrations do I need?

Most businesses in the US require one or more Business License and/or Registrations. We can help you assess which licenses and registrations you may need.  



Avalara License Management

If you manage hundreds or many thousands of licenses, this one software solution will help you streamline your business license workflow. 

Avalara Sales Tax Registration

Answer some questions about your business and Avalara can file on your behalf for sales tax registrations with most tax authorities. All you need to do is wait for your registration certificate. 

Avalara License Guidance

When you sign up for Avalara License Guidance, a custom report that contains applications and forms to get your new or expanding business properly licensed is just one download away. 

Avalara License Preparation

Don’t spend your time poring over confusing rules and the myriad forms. Skip the paperwork and let us prepare your registrations and non-regulated business license applications on your behalf. 

Avalara License Filing

You can enable experts to research, prepare, and file for business licenses on your behalf throughout the U.S.