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I bought Avalara License Managed Services. Now what?

Thank you for subscribing to Avalara License Managed Services (ALMS).

Within 10 business days of placing the order, you should receive the welcome email at the email address used for placing the order with Avalara Sales Team. This email includes a questionnaire, an implementation template, and instructions on filling these attachments. If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or implementation template, click ‘Reply’ in your email client, and we will be happy to help.

After you complete and share the questionnaire and implementation template, we verify the shared information. If we need more information, our support specialist will reach out to you as they work through the data assessment. Please note that we can’t complete the implementation until we receive all the required information. You will receive log-in credentials after your order is processed and your account is created in ALMS. Account creation may take 6-8 weeks after receiving the implementation template.

Once we receive all the required information, we also determine a cutover date. Before the cutover date, the finance team will help you set up the Funding Escrow account, and the Managed Services team will provide hands-on product training and share product resources. The escrow account is set up for you to provide funds so we can remit the licensing fees to the authorities. It is separate from the vendor account to which you pay your other service fee invoices to Avalara, Inc. You must set up a separate vendor in your ERP system for the funding fee invoices. Note that this is a critical part of your account setup. Routing fees to the wrong account can delay your implementation.

You are responsible for managing renewals for anything due before the cutover date. The Managed Services team will handle renewals after the cutover date. This means that your account will go live approximately two weeks before the cutover, so our team has time to process renewals before their due dates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Avalara sales team, and they will guide you to the right resource for answers. We look forward to working with you.

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