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Understand sales tax holidays in AvaTax

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More than 15 states statutorily provide annual sales tax holidays: limited periods of time when specified products are exempt from sales tax. Learn how to find, prepare for, and test tax holiday rates.

Look up tax holidays

We're tracking participating states and qualifying items over at the Avalara blog, including links to each state's Department of Revenue for when you have questions.

Check our rates and rules page to see which tax codes are included in a sales tax holiday. Use the blank box above the State column to filter for your state by its two letter abbreviation (Ex: FL). 

Check your setup

Avalara uses the Avalara tax code to determine which products or services are eligible for a sales tax holiday, so make sure that you have your items are mapped to the correct tax code.

If your company has set up custom tax rules in the past, check your custom tax rules (or change them as needed) in case a qualifying tax code is set to another rate.

Test tax holiday calculations ahead of time

To test a sales tax holiday calculation, use the built-in Tax Calculator to enter the transaction details, including addresses, tax code, and a tax date that falls within the dates of the tax holiday.

Contact Avalara Support if you run into any issues related to sales tax holidays.



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