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U.S. economic sales thresholds

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

When we notice that your transactions might require you to register to collect and pay taxes in a new place in the U.S., we alert you on the AvaTax home page.

How it works

AvaTax checks your company's committed transactions every week to see if your sales have crossed any economic thresholds. When we think you've crossed a threshold, you'll see an alert on the home page. If you get one of these alerts, talk to your tax professional to decide if you should register to collect and pay tax in a new place. After you've registered, make sure to add the new place to your company profile in AvaTax.


Keep in mind

  • AvaTax won't alert you if you're getting close to a threshold, only if we think you've already crossed one.
  • We calculate your sales totals as the sum of all committed sales invoices minus any return credits. Some U.S. states require calculation based on gross sales without considering any credits. You should keep a close eye on sales in those states and always check the laws in any U.S. location where you do business.
  • Consider: You might notice that tax-exempt sales are included in our calculations for places where you might need to collect and pay tax. AvaTax doesn't distinguish taxable from tax-exempt sales in places where you haven't told us you're registered to collect and pay tax.
  • In California, AvaTax only tracks thresholds for the state, not for the local jurisdictions within it which may have different rules. 
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