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Transaction status in AvaTax

This article applies to:AvaTax

The status of a transaction in AvaTax determines whether it is included on reports or reported on tax returns. When you view a transaction in the AvaTax web portal, it can have one of four statuses: 

  • Uncommitted
    The transaction is added in AvaTax, but not committed. It isn't included on reports or returns filed by Managed Returns until it's committed.
  • Committed
    The transaction is committed to AvaTax and included on reports and the next filed return.
  • Void
    The transaction is void in AvaTax, and isn't included on report or returns.
  • Locked
    The transaction is included on a tax return.

If you use the AvaTax API, you may also see transactions with the following statuses in the API call response data:

  • Saved
    The transaction is saved to AvaTax, but not committed. It isn't included on reports or returns filed by Managed Returns until it's committed. Transactions with the Saved status appear as Uncommitted when you view them in the AvaTax web portal.
  • Posted
    The transaction is saved, and AvaTax verified that it matches the transaction posted in your business application. It isn't included on reports or returns filed by Managed Returns until it's committed. 
  • Adjusted
    The transaction has been adjusted. When a transaction is adjusted, the original version is saved with the status Adjusted. The current version of the transaction has a status of Committed, Uncommitted, Saved, Posted, or Void. You can use the AvaTax API to filter on the Adjusted status to view the original transaction details.
  • Temporary
    The API call used a document type ending in Order, such as SalesOrder. Order document types are used to estimate tax, and the transactions aren't saved to AvaTax.
  • Cancelled
    The transaction has been cancelled, and isn't included on report or returns. Transactions with the Cancelled status appear as Void when you view them in the AvaTax web portal.

Transaction status and import method

  • Transactions sent to AvaTax from your business application appear as committed transactions.
  • Transactions imported using the import transactions template can be either committed or void.
  • Manually added transactions can be committed, just like transactions from your business application, but you can also save them as uncommitted. This option is useful if you don't want the transaction included in reports or Managed Returns.

Change the status of a transaction

A transaction's status can be changed on the main Transactions page in AvaTax: 

  1. Select the transaction or transactions you want to change, and then select Change Status. 
  2. Choose a status.
    When changing statuses manually, you can select only Committed, Uncommitted, or Void.
  3. Click Save. 

Refresh the page to see the status change.

Tip icon If Avalara files your tax returns, keep in mind that you can't uncommit any transactions used in those returns. Amend the returns instead.

Filter transactions by status

On the Transactions page in AvaTax, you can filter transactions by status by clicking Filters and selecting from the Document Status menu.

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