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Set Up Your AvaTax Update Account

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Sign in to AvaTax Update, change your password, and set up your company profile to begin using Avalara services.

  1. Sign in to AvaTax Update for the first time
  2. Fill out your company information
  3. Enter your company address
  4. Add jurisdictions where you collect tax
  5. Activate your company

1. Sign in to AvaTax Update for the first time

Your AvaTax Update user name and password were sent to you in an email along with a link to sign in to AvaTax Update. If you can't find this email, check your junk mail. If you still can't find it, click Forgot password? on the AvaTax Update login screen to receive an email with password reset instructions.

Sign in to AvaTax Update and change your password. Enter your temporary and new passwords, and then click Change Password. Now you're ready to set up your company in AvaTax Update.

Am I the right person?

If you haven't already, gather information about your business to get set up quickly. For example, you need your taxpayer ID, business address, and any business IDs issued by non-U.S. governments.

2. Fill out your company information

While you're filling out your company information (or any time you see it), hover over the little "i" to find out more about a term or feature.


3. Enter your company address

AvaTax Update uses your company's primary location to set up your company's first collection authorityHoverTT.png. Enter and validate the address, and then click Next.

What if I'm not sure where my company collects and remits tax?

How does AvaTax Update use this information?

4. Add jurisdictions where you collect tax

Your company is set up to collect and remit tax in the region containing your primary company address. If you collect and remit sales tax in other places, you need to add more regions. If you don't want to do this now, you can do it later under Settings > Manage Where You Collect and Remit Tax.

Add places where you collect and remit tax 

  1. Click Add US states and territories. If you're done with jurisdictions in the US and want to skip ahead to jurisdictions outside the US, click Done with sales and use tax and skip to step 3.
  2. Add regions by address or select them from a list. Don't worry. You can verify your selections and make changes before you finish setting up AvaTax Update.
    • If you add regions based on an address, AvaTax Update adds applicable local authorities based on the address. Click Confirm authorities to continue setting up AvaTax Update. Adding regions based on an address like this doesn't add that address as a company location.
    • If you select regions from a list, AvaTax Update prompts you to add applicable local authorities. Add locals by entering an address or selecting from a list.
  3. Set up where you collect VAT / GST if you do business outside of the United States.
  4. Verify the tax types and the effective and expiration dates for each US region and change them, if necessary. If you're not sure right now, do this later under Settings > Manage Where You Collect and Remit Tax. You can change the tax type only for regions that have both sales tax and sellers use tax.
  5. After adding your collection authorities, click Done with tax jurisdictions.

Local jurisdictions

Some regions have optional local collection authorities that aren't included when you select the state. If you select a state with optional local collection authorities, you're prompted to add these authorities from a list or by address. It's important that you select local authorities so that AvaTax Update can accurately process transactions in counties, cities, or special tax jurisdictions within these regions. It also helps ensure taxes are tagged properly for reporting and filling out returns. If you don't collect tax for the local authorities, your customer may be responsible for paying consumer use tax.

What does Automatically Update Authorities do?

What if I don't need to add local collection authorities?

5. Activate your company

On the Activate page, click Activate Company. You have to activate your company in order for AvaTax Update to calculate tax on your transactions.

If you need to connect your accounting software to AvaTax Update, click Go and Get Your Connector. This opens your account page in a new tab.

If you want to know a bit more about connectors, find out how AvaTax works with the software you use:

After you activate AvaTax Update

After you install and configure your connector, go back to AvaTax Update and finish telling us about your business.

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