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Run an economic nexus summary report

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

Run an econonmic nexus transaction report to view where you may have met state economic nexus thresholds, or where you might soon meet additional state nexus thresholds in the future. 

Tip icon The economic nexus report data is updated on a weekly basis.

Learn about Reports in AvaTax.


  1. In AvaTax, go to Reports.
    The Transaction Reports tab opens.
  2. Select Economic Nexus for the report category. The economic nexus summary report is automatically selected.
    • Economic Nexus Summary
      Shows states where you’re approaching or have exceeded economic nexus thresholds

      A warning icon


      Avalara cannot verify the accuracy or completeness of the transaction information that you provide to AvaTax. This report is based on both current state threshold requirements, as well as past requirements that may have changed or may no longer apply to you. There may also be other reasons to register somewhere, such as a physical company location or the location of your employees. This report is an estimate for your informational purposes and is provided as-is. This report does not constitute tax or legal advice; always talk to a tax professional before registering somewhere new.

  3. By default, AvaTax generates a report for the current AvaTax company.
    • If you have multiple companies, use the Company selector to generate a report for a different one
  4. Select whether you want to preview or export the report, and then select Generate Report.
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