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Run a sales tax transaction report

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Run sales-tax reconciliation reports to compare the transactions in AvaTax with the invoices in your business application.


  1. In AvaTax, go to Reports. The Transaction Reports tab opens.
  2. Select Sales Tax Document Reports for the report category, and then select the report type:
    • Top line
      Provides a snapshot of each transaction from your companies in AvaTax, giving you a basic summary of the country and/or region(s) selected. 
    • Document summary
      Digs in deeper than the top line report, showing totals for the documents in transactions you've entered into AvaTax.
    • Document summary listing
      Shows sales tax totals, broken up by taxing jurisdiction or address, for transactions you've entered in AvaTax. Note that options on the Report Level list depend on the country you selected.
    • Document line detail
      Shows more detail than the document summary report, providing you with totals for each document line within the documents in transactions you've entered into AvaTax.
    • Document line tax detail
      Shows a individual jurisdiction's tax details for each document line of the selected document.
  3. Select a date filter, which consists of a date range (the current month, the previous month, or a range you choose) and date type:
    • Document date
      The date the transaction occurred. Used for both tax calculation and reporting.
    • Tax date
      The date used for tax calculation purposes. Usually the same as the document date, unless you calculate sales tax separately before committing the transaction to AvaTax.
    • Payment date 
      The date the customer paid you to complete the transaction. This field might not be filled in on all transactions, because it's generally assumed to be the same as the document date, and is not visible on transactions in AvaTax.
    • Reporting date
      The date the transaction was reported. This is the same as the document date, and it doesn't appear on transactions in AvaTax.
  4. Complete other fields:
    • Company
      Hold Ctrl and click to select multiple companies. 
    • Document code from and Document code to
      A transaction ID as assigned by your business application. To run a report against a range of transactions, type the beginning of the range in Document Code From and the end of the range in Document Code To. Leave these fields blank to run a report on all transactions in the date range.
    • Customer ID 
      The unique code referencing your customer, which is typically the same as the one used in your business application.
  5. Select Generate Report.
Tip icon AvaTax begins updating report data every 30 minutes, so you may need to wait to see your most recent transactions in your reports. Go to the Transactions page for up-to-the-minute activity.


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