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Run a sales and sellers use tax return filing report

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Use a sales and sellers use tax return filing report to get the information you need to file your own returns. All reports listed here are tax return filing reports in AvaTax.

AvaTax begins updating report data every 30 minutes, so you may need to wait to see your most recent transactions in your reports. Go to the Transactions page for up-to-the-minute activity.

Learn about Reports in AvaTax.

Before you begin

If you sell on an online marketplace in a jurisdiction with marketplace fairness laws, remember to filter out transactions where the marketplace collected and remitted sales tax on your behalf.


  1. In AvaTax, go to Reports.
    The Transaction Reports tab opens.
  2. Select the Liability & Tax Return Reports tab.
  3. Select Sales and Sellers Use Tax Return Filing Reports for the report category, and then select the report type:
    • Sales and Sellers Use Tax Jurisdiction Detail (various)
      Review transactions for jurisdictions in a state using the standard view. Other versions show different details (such as expanded, county city, combined view, combined extended, and combined view by taxing jurisdiction).
    • All Taxes Jurisdiction Detail Report
      Use this report to fill out tax returns for all tax types by state and local jurisdiction.
    • All Taxes Liability Summary Report
      Use this report to view your summary tax liability by state.
    • Sales and Sellers Use Tax Summary
      Shows a summary of tax liability by country or region. The totals in this report may not reflect all local taxes in California or Texas. Click through the California and Texas results for jurisdiction details. Select All Non-US for the country to view VAT and other tax transactions outside of the United States.
    • Sales and Sellers Use Tax Summary - Ewaste Fees
      Shows tax summary liability by country or region and includes Ewaste fees.
    • Sales and Sellers Use Tax Levels Report (California and Colorado Detail and Summary)
      Detailed reports for filling out California and Colorado returns.
    • New York Apparel Taxation
      Shows information that can help you fill out New York Schedule H forms.
    • Colorado Multi-location
      Helps you fill out local Colorado tax returns. Includes state, county, city, and special taxing jurisdiction taxes for locations in Colorado for which you have transactions or have enabled nexus. It's the only report that includes your Colorado account number and site ID.
    • Sales Tax Summary by Marketplace Location
      Shows sales tax totals for each online marketplace location you've set up in AvaTax.
  4. Report details options change depending on the report you select. Select details according to the type of report you want to run.
  5. Select whether you want to preview or export the report, and then select Generate Report.
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