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Run a liability and tax return report

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Liability and tax return reports display your sales and sellers use tax liability.

AvaTax begins updating report data every 30 minutes, so you may need to wait to see your company's most recent transactions in your reports. Go to the Transactions page for up-to-the-minute activity.

Learn about Reports in AvaTax.



Liability worksheet reports are only available for export to users of Managed Returns.

To run a tax return report:

  1. Go to Reports and click Liability & tax return reports
  2. Select the Report category of the report you want to run, and then select a specific report from the Report name dropdown
  3. Fill out the required fields. In most cases the purpose of the fields are self-explanatory, but in some cases you may want to use the descriptions below for more information. Once you've set up your parameters for the report you want to run, click Generate report.

Determine which report you need

Report type Description Special field notes
Tax Summary

Shows tax summary liability by country or region, capturing a view of all documents for the filters selected. Run this report for sales and sellers use tax, or for consumer use tax.

The total tax amounts for California and Texas may not reflect all taxes due to mixed local sourcing. Drill down into this report to see accurate totals for these states.

Tax Jurisdiction Detail

Shows details of transactions by state, county, city, and special tax jurisdiction. On the Reports page, choose the specific tax jurisdiction detail report that meets your needs.

  • The basic Tax Jurisdiction Detail report shows transactions summarized by individual taxing jurisdictions within a state.
  • The Tax Jurisdiction Detail Expanded report returns the same results as the tax jurisdiction detail report, but with extra space between lines of information.
  • The Tax Jurisdiction County City report shows transactions sorted by state, then county, and finally city taxing jurisdictions.
  • The Tax Jurisdiction Combined Extended View report shows totals by address and is best used for state returns that require combined rate reporting by a non-taxing jurisdiction.
  • The Tax Jurisdiction Combined View report differs from the combined extended view in its more detailed recap section, showing information (including tax rate) by specific counties and cities.
  • The Tax Jurisdiction Detail Combined View by Taxing Jurisdiction report is similar to the combined view, but includes an STJ column for special tax jurisdictions, as well as columns with other jurisdiction-specific and freight information.

All views include a recap section summing data up by jurisdiction type (STA, CTY, CIT, and STJ) within each state.

To limit transactions in the report by tax code, in the Tax Code field enter the Avalara tax code associated with the transactions you want to include.

To limit transactions in the report by location, in the Location Code field enter the location code of the company location that you want to see transactions from.

Tax Levels Shows information specific to California or Colorado returns, depending on the specific report you select, capturing a view of the country and region for the home rule location selected. When running a tax level report for Colorado, the Home Rule Location list lets you filter for transactions taking place in any one of the state's various local jurisdictions.
New York Apparel Taxation Shows information that can help you fill out New York Schedule H forms. If your organization pays taxes in New York, use the New York Schedule H forms to report sales of clothing or footwear that are eligible for a full or partial exemption from sales tax.  
Colorado Multi-location Shows information that can help you fill out local home rule Colorado tax returns. It includes all taxes for the state of Colorado (including all state, county, city, and special tax jurisdiction tax) for all locations where transactions occurred or you've told AvaTax that you're collecting and remitting tax. It's also the only report that includes your Colorado account number and site ID.  
Federal Excise Tax Summary Use the federal excise tax summary report to view your federal excise tax summary liability by region. This can help you manually complete federal medical device excise tax forms. To select more than one company from the Company or Companies list, press and hold Ctrl and select each company name.
Canada HST Summary Shows information that can help you fill out Canadian tax returns, with totals for both harmonized sales tax and provincial sales tax by province.  
Tax Summary by Marketplace Location Shows tax totals for each marketplace location you've set up in AvaTax, so you can track when a marketplace facilitator has collected and remitted taxes on your behalf  

Transaction types

Use the Transaction Type list to choose whether your report includes all transaction types or only the type that you select.

  • Sales invoice - Invoices for sales that you made to customers
  • Purchase invoice - Invoices for purchases you made from other suppliers
  • Return invoice - Invoices for customer returns
  • Inventory transfer invoice - Invoices relating to moving stock between different locations
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