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Review and reconcile marketplace transactions

This article applies to:AvaTax

If you have transactions from marketplaces that collect and pay tax on your behalf, that tax is included on your transactions in Avalara. Some jurisdictions require you to report (but not pay) tax on all sales even if someone else has already paid the tax for you.

Follow these steps to determine whether tax on a transaction needs to be paid on your returns, or if it is was collected and paid by a marketplace.


  1. Open the returns overview page (Manage and approve returns or File returns, depending on which version of the product you have), and find the region that you want to review.
  2. Select Summary of returns to see more information about your returns in the region, and then select Tax details and adjustments.
  3. Confirm that the amount in Marketplace under Adjustments to taxes and fees matches the amount of tax collected and paid by the marketplace.

If you're interested in an overall summary of your marketplace transactions as a whole, run a Sales Tax Summary by Marketplace Location report. This report contains total marketplace sales and isn't broken out by time period.