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Recalculate transactions in bulk

This article applies to:AvaTax

Any time you make changes in AvaTax that affect past transactions, you need to recalculate those transactions to keep them up to date. Situations where you might need to recalculate tax include:

Unlike editing transaction details, recalculating tax takes place entirely in AvaTax—exporting the transactions and reimporting them isn't necessary.

  • You can recalculate any transactions from within the past 18 months. 
  • Recalculating transactions counts against your plan usage.


  1. Sign in to AvaTax and select Transactions. 
  2. Find the transactions you want to recalculate. Depending on the transactions you're looking for:
    • Set a date range by selecting dates in the From and To fields.
    • Select Filters to search by document status, document type, location code, and other criteria.

    Keep in mind that locked transactions can't be recalculated. Any transactions included in filed returns must be credited and rebilled

  3. Select the transactions to recalculate, or select all filtered transactions by selecting the top check box.
  4. Select Recalculate, then select Yes, Recalculate.

    A warning icon

    • If you need to recalculate a large number of transactions, you can modify the number of results per page to a maximum of 1000.
    • If you need to update more than 1000 transactions, you can use the import transactions template to edit them all at once. For more information on how to edit transactions in bulk, see Edit transactions in bulk.
  5. When recalculation completes, select OK. 
  6. If you have an integration with AvaTax, log in to your business application and update your transactions there so that the information is consistent in both places. See Find your business application for more information on your integration.

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