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License keys

This article applies to:AvaTax

A license key is specific and unique to your account, and it's required to connect most integrations to AvaTax. If you have both a production and a sandbox account, you need a license key for each account.

Avalara emails a license key to account administrators when a someone generates a new license key. For security reasons, Avalara doesn't keep a copy of your license key and can't tell you what it is.

If you set up AvaTax before October 2017, the original license key for your account may have been automatically generated when you accepted the terms and conditions.

How do I find our production or sandbox license key?

Again, for security reasons, Avalara doesn't keep a copy of your license key. There are a few places you may be able to find a previously used license key. However, for most customers it may be much quicker to get a new license key and begin using that in your business application. 

  • If you're the account administrator, search for the latest license key reset email. A copy of the license key is emailed to admin users whenever one is generated.
  • If applicable, check the "AvaTax" or "Avalara" tab in your business application. Some applications display the license key in the AvaTax configuration settings.

How do I get a license key?

  • Log in to the Avalara platform and go to Settings >  License and API Keys to get a new license key for your account.
    The license key is displayed and emailed to account administrators.

If you previously used a license key when you were integrating your business application with AvaTax, you need to update the license key in each integration you have with AvaTax. If your integration requires separate instances to be installed on individual workstations, update the license key on each workstation.

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