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Keep AvaTax up to date

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As your business changes, you might need to make some adjustments to your initial setup to ensure tax is calculated correctly. 

Common tasks

What you might want to do

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Map items to tax codes

  • Decide when and where to map your items.
  • Upload a list of your products, get tax code recommendations, and select the tax code that's the best match for each product or service.
  • Find the most accurate Avalara tax code for your item, and then map that item to a tax code in AvaTax.
  • Import items using the Avalara template, and then map them to tax codes in AvaTax.

View the taxability information on items for each jurisdiction

  • Build a taxability matrix by adding your AvaTax tax codes and selecting specific jurisdictions to see whether they are taxable or exempt.
  • Download the taxability matrix to review product taxability information for AvaTax tax codes in all jurisdictions.
Add or import transactions
  • Add a missing transaction to AvaTax so the transactions match what’s in your business application. 
  • Import transactions using the Avalara template.
Edit or void transactions 
  • Edit a transaction in AvaTax so that it matches the corresponding invoice in your business application. Editing a transaction in AvaTax doesn't change the information in your business application.
  • Edit multiple transactions at one time using the Avalara template.
  • Void a transaction to exclude it from AvaTax reports and tax returns. You can’t delete a transaction.
  • Change the status of a transaction.
Review and fix transaction calculations
  • Review how a transaction was calculated and learn how to make adjustments.  
Access historical transaction data
  • Learn how to access the historical transaction data.
Manage transaction reports
  • Run transaction reports to reconcile the transactions in AvaTax with the transactions in your business application.
  • Review information about transactions you’ve either sent from your business application or uploaded into AvaTax. 
  • Generate a custom sales tax report and download the data into a spreadsheet to help reconcile transactions and prepare returns.
Manage and validate an address
  • Fix an address validation error and learn when and how to use general delivery for an address that can’t be validated.
Set up new locations in your company profile 
  • Add an address to your company profile to track transactions in places that require location-based filing.

Manage custom tax rules

  • Override the way AvaTax calculates tax by creating a custom tax rule.
  • Import tax rules from your business application into AvaTax using the Avalara template.
  • Edit or delete an existing custom tax rule in AvaTax.
Create a jurisdiction override
  • Create a jurisdiction override when you need a U.S. location to fall within a different jurisdiction. 
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